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Heya Arant,
SimpleDB and CouchDB are not related. It is currently believed that SimpleDB uses Amazon's Erlang interface to BDB.

I wholeheartedly agree with the statement that comparing all these projects to relational databases is meaningless. They are another solution for a similar set of problems, but surely not the same and there are things where SQL beats anything else hands down.

Also, welcome to the CouchDB-fan-zone :)


Geva Perry

Anant --

Just to clarify, GigaSpaces plays a very different role than something like a SimpleDB does. GigaSpaces is an application platform -- a distributed application server, if you will -- that lets you built a stateful application that can easily scale across a distributed environment such as Amazon EC2. GigaSpaces manages your business logic, messaging and data. For data it does so through an in-memory data grid, and provides a Persistence as a Service feature that would persist the data to a persistent store such as SimpleDB. So the two solutions are complementary.

Geva Perry

Nati Shalom

To second Geva i would suggest looking the following blog posts on my blog:

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