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Tomoaki Sawada

I agree with you and share the same sentiment that Carlota Perez's thesis refered in that annual report is now being proved. Looking forward to the news that link to her video will become available. Regards

Anant Jhingran

Hi, as an IBMer, you can access this from the internal media library. Send me mail and I will send you the link. I was refering to its external availability.

Andi Gutmans

I've recently started to listen to audiobooks on the way to and from work (when not on a conference call). I think it's the best solution for catching up on reading without having to make time for it in between work and the family. I was thinking it'd be odd before I tried but it's actually remarkably convenient and I didn't feel myself mind wander more than I do when reading a book (still quite a bit :)
The only problem is that there are still only a small amount of titles on audiobooks but I hope this will grow over time.

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