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Anant Jhingran's #Hadoop summit ... interesting philosophy, What are birthers and Adopters?

Anant Jhingran

Birthers: The companies that gave birth to the technology -- the facebooks, yahoos, linkedins, googles of the worlds. Adopters, which will use the technology for purposes perhaps different than the needs of the birthers.

Kevin Apte

Does anyone know how many 10,000 + node companies exist? With each node having 16 cores- this seems like a lot of computing power.


Anant Jhingran

Yahoo, for example, at 42,000 nodes. Not sure of the size of each node.

Account Deleted

Hi Anant - Enjoyed the presentation greatly... thanks for taking the time to share so much insight. I believe you presented a slide that had a list of industries and which core Hadoop value propositions they most sought. I attempted to take a photo but wasn't quick enough. Have you shared that matrix online anywhere? Or are you willing to share it? Thanks!

Anant Jhingran

Joe definitely, why don't I post it for everyone, let me do it now...

thanks for the kind words.


Hi Anant,
I was at the Hadoop summit and really loved your presentation. I went to view it again on youtube but found that the embedded slides were often not showing when they should or where very blurry. Are the slides available anywhere?

I'm particularly interested in the slides that showed Watson's "thought process" in answering the Istanbul question


Anant Jhingran

Guy, I do not have slides shared (no reason, just have not gotten around to it). Send me a linkedin or facebook personal email and I will send them to you...

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