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Best of luck!

Daniel Krook

Anant, thank you for years of leadership shaping trends in information management and helping countless IBMers solve their customers' pressing data challenges. Good luck in this new chapter in your career!



Best wishes for your new endeavors. Do continue to post -- will be very interested in reading about your new experiences. Hope to rund into you somewhere.

Best Regards,


Anant, you are one of the smartest people I've ever come across and a great executive. More important, you are a decent human being. it is a big loss for IBM and a big gain for Apigee.
Wish you all the best in your new endeavour.

Madhavan Vasudevan

Anant, I have really enjoyed working with you at IBM as my friend colleague and guide and look forward to our paths intersecting again. Your brilliance, vision and compassion will sorely be missed at IBM. Look forward to hearing about your new adventures at Apigee and beyond. Madhavan


Wow, this came as a shock to me and sorry to see you leave Anant. Of course, I really appreciated that you personally called me and we could chat about it...

Naturally I understand. The valley is chock full of cool ideas and startups and some of them end of even change the world fundamentally, so it's not surprising that one would catch startup fever...

Besides being one of the smartest executives I have worked with at IBM what I will miss the most is your passion for IBM, our customers, and getting us into the latest and greatest technologies. You kept us cool and your sponsorship of Research is legendary. We'll miss you... I know I will.

Startup fever tends to come and go, so if you loose it (wishing you success, but never knows :) I am sure that we'd welcome you back. Best of luck!

Anant Jhingran

Thank you Rob, Daniel, Leon, Madhavan and Max from IBM for your kind wishes and expressions on my skills, I am deeply touched. I know that IBM is what IBM is because of all of you, I am sorry I am not a part of it right now, but I know it is in great hands.
And thanks Divy, how is the academic world?

Rob Guikers

Anant, thank you for inspiring Jibes - We loved working with you
and good luck.
- Rob Guikers, Jibes.

Sebastian Stadil

Congratulations! Keep rocking!



Congratulations on the new role.

You were, literally, the first person I met from IBM when Informix was acquired 10 years ago. In the decade we've been coworkers you've championed an amazing amount of really cool stuff: our first integrated data warehouse offerings, our emergence on the cloud, Big Data, our push into analytics, and more.

Most of the things I'm proudest of having worked on you had a big part in creating.

So, you leave a large set of shoes to fill, even for a company with as many talented employees as IBM.

But beyond your technical leadersihp it's your sense of fun and humor I'm going to miss the most.

Hopefully our paths will cross again sometime soon.

Best of luck to you.


David Watson

Good luck Anant. I was surprised to hear you'd left IBM but when I read your blog I understand why. I always enjoyed the times when I worked with you.

Anant Jhingran

wow, that is such a nice thing to say Woz! I am sorry I could not get in touch with you personally in the rush of the last few days. You have been wonderful! Let's keep in touch, do you have my external email address?

Suraj Subramanian

Your "lofty" presence in the world of Data@IBM will be missed. Wish you the very best on your API endeavors. Appreciate all your guidance and mentoring over the last few years !!.


Congrats Anant on the new bold move!! Keep in touch please I would like to track your progress

Padmanabhan Krishnan

Hi Anant,

It has been an pleasure working under your organization for MashupHub and it was fun. You have been a source of inspiration to me and many of us. Wish you all the best!

-Padmanabhan Krishnan

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