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Roque Versace

Hey Anand,

Good post, glad there's someone else out there pitching the importance measuring api's (i'm with you on the apostrophe).

You'll up the game quite a bit over there and I look forward to a few years running into each other in the market.

roque versace
vp, mashery

Shivkumar Vaithyanathan

Love it :-)

Anant Jhingran

Is that you Shiv? I got confused because your name says Shivkumar not Shivakumar.
How are you?

Ramesh Venugopal

Hello Anant, I liked your style of writing and expressing your views.

While I agree with your views broadly, I think the importance of IT & Biz analytics have been long understood in most cases, but with limited action by the enterprises in the past. Having said that, their focus on predictive analytics has increased in the recent past, owing to the challenges faced by the industries. As most of us have seen, when the market is upbeat and there is potential to attract new-new (I mean not the churn) business, the focus tends to attract them with suitable propositions (products). But once there is some amount of saturation in the market place, the focus tends to attracting new customers from the competition. At the same time, they need to ensure their customer base is not eroded. The classic example is the telecom industry in India, which has now gone from pre-dominantly customer-acquisition mode to that of customer-retention, which they seem to be struggling with. This is when the enterprises are forced to acting on the notion of ‘Data as an Asset’ by focusing on predictive analytics to improve customer retention, customer advocacy, up/cross sell, etc.

Let me share my personal views on both IT & Business analytics. While IT analytics is important, I see it more as a hygiene exercise, something that the CIO/CTO should be delivering anyways, resulting in lower priority when their change portfolio is drawn.

On the other hand, based on the market scenario, the business analytics gets direct sponsorship from the likes of CEO/COO. I see business analytics being extremely domain centric and confined mostly within an enterprise (and hence APIs role gets limited), due to the sensitivity around the data or regulation or threats from competition or for other reasons. For the same reasons, it gets difficult to push this data on to a public cloud (an idea you were mounting). Hence i am not able to understand your point on analytics of APIs in the context of business analytics.

Hence to conclude, the way I see is business analytics happens more around the backend data store/data marts (at times at the workflow / process orchestration layer to respond to triggers or events which arise) with a view to predict an event. Hence the role of analytics on APIs is very limited when it comes to business analytics. Having said that IT analytics is indeed relevant to the APIs, since it helps optimise the way in which interfaces respond at run-time to match dynamic nature of business volume.

Sorry if this sounds like a long rant. I will be glad to know your views. Thanks.

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