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Thanks Anant for putting it down here in lucid way, what you presented at Apigee campus. Looking forward for the next post.

Daniel Graham

I'm really enjoying these Big Data blogs. Especially liked "Pig and Hive add data models" --more please. Hope you can review AsterData which merges MapReduce + parallel RDBMS (best of both?
Please add LinkedIn login -- Facebook for adults.


Pretty useful indeed. Should some of these indirect costs also need to be taken into consideration as some of these are proportional to the size of data

- Bandwidth costs in transporting the data to the final destination. Assumption is that the environment where the data is generated is not necessarily the same as the the environment in which it is getting processed.

- Intermediate storage (before the data is transported to final destination S3, EBS etc)

- CPU cost. All the intermediate compute (to run scribe, collectors etc ) required to receive the logs, store it temporarily and send it to the final destination

Vijayakumar Ramdoss

Thanks for your information Anant, Sharing the information about the C = fn (T, W, I, H, Q).

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